Blackbird: eye-catching Byron Bay accommodation that offers a true sense of escape

If there’s anywhere in Byron you should escape to for a weekend of tranquility, opulence and a dose of nature; it’s Blackbird. 

An escape from the ordinary

Tucked away in the forest and placed with perfection in the Hinterlands of Byron Bay, you’ll discover a gorgeous hidden gem amongst the trees. Blackbird offers luxury accommodation – with all the facilities you’d ever need – just 30 minutes outside of Byron. 

Calling itself a boutique bed and breakfast, you’re bound to imagine that a night at Blackbird involves a stay in a quaint old house in the hills. Wrong. Instead, think impeccable quirky interior and exterior design, Champagne on arrival, panoramic views of thick forests and the ocean, a magnesium mineral swimming pool and infrared sauna. This is no ordinary B&B.

Credit: Blackbird

Re-worked boutique accommodation

The standalone living pavilions at Blackbird are made predominately of concrete, steel, timber sleepers and glass. Interestingly, many of the materials used in the construction were re-worked from the former site; a banana shed. 

Functioning as a banana farm in the 60’s, the property was later snapped up by founders James and Stella Hudson. The couple reworked and incorporated the on-site timber and other materials from the former shed, to form stunning little pavilions. Proudly, the couple embrace the ‘zero mile materials’ used during their construction phase and enjoy the hint of history kept within the walls of their masterpiece. Everything about Blackbird suggests this was a project filled with passion and personality.

Credit: Blackbird

Moving away from the outdoor areas which are sprinkled with cacti and succulents, step through the doors of one of the pavilions and find yourself standing on concrete floors, in front of a king size bed and surrounded by warm birch ply panelled walls. Clean white rooms embellished with subtle colours keep the focus on the outdoors. Meanwhile, gorgeous Moroccan style bathrooms with intricate tiling and bare copper make for a stunning amalgamation. 

Nature steals the show

Naturally, it is the location of Blackbird that will take your breath away, the moment you step foot on the property. A beautiful magnesium mineral pool, framed with endless emerald forests which stretch into the distance, provides a tranquil meeting point. In the very distance, the Pacific Ocean creates another dreamy layer. And within all of this surrounding nature, flora and fauna flourishes, providing guests with a perfect spot for hiking, biking and kayaking amongst endless other activities. Blackbird is ideal for those seeking a taste of Byron Bay, but who prefer to be tucked away in the tranquility of the trees and in harmony with nature.

Credit: Blackbird

The brand identity here alone – an image of a painted black cockatoo – signals Blackbird’s enthusiasm for the natural world. And fittingly, with this emphasis on nature comes a whole lot of sustainable action. James states, ‘Blackbird hopes to be a leading example of sustainable design and hotel operations’. 

Sustainable iniatvies

The boutique bed and breakfast uses solar power, which covers 70% of their needs, whilst a high R-value for the insulation of the building results in less energy use for heating and cooling with the changing seasons. Rainwater is also harvested for all of Blackbird’s water needs.

Going further than reduced energy consumption, the Byron Bay accommodation also makes all of its own soaps, shampoos and moisturisers, which are all chemical free and take advantage of native Australian botanicals. No packaging waste results from this process and a fierce recycling, reusing and composting process occurs across the property. 

Food sourcing, of great importance to those guests who consider themselves conscious consumers, is thoughtful considered at Blackbird too. An effort to source locally is put into practice, with the bed and breakfast showcasing a great deal of local produce, for example on their complimentary cheeseboards. Bringing things even closer to home, Blackbird also has its own garden, where organic vegetables are grown as a way to reduce food miles. Whilst this is of course seasonal, kale, rocket and spinach used in breakfasts is typical during the winter months.

Credit: Blackbird

Only 30 minutes from the alternative scene of Byron Bay, Blackbird is a charming haven found up high in the hills. What makes this place so beautiful is not only the stunning design and out-of-this-world views, but the founders’ genuine efforts towards sustainability. Check into Blackbird to experience intimate Australian hospitality in harmony with a perfectly serene setting.



Address: 210 Frasers Rd, Mullumbimby Creek NSW 2482

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