Billabong Retreat: a place of wellbeing completely inundated with nature

Massage, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, stress-reduction, self care and gorgeous organic food, all nestled within the stunning backdrop of New South Wales’ flora and fauna.

An escape to nature

45 minutes from Sydney by car, Billabong eco-retreat – an award-winning wellness retreat nestled in nature and scattered with treehouses – sits peacefully in Maraylya. Solace and serenity can be found here for urbanites looking to spend a weekend at one with nature. Billabong Retreat is owned and run by a couple who’s aim it is to provide natural scenes and peaceful atmosphere to visitors.

At the eco-retreat, you’ll find 44,000m2 of pristine Australian bush, bursting with all kinds of vibrantly coloured birds which flood the landscape with chorus. Amongst the trees, guests can also find Black Wallabies, Blue Tongue & Monitor Lizards, Ring tail Possums, Sugar Gliders and micro bats. Whilst the day brings the chorus of birds, night brings the hum of Cicadas & frogs.

Credit: Billabong Retreat

A holiday for the mind

With a setting like this, it’s no wonder that Billabong Retreat has been bringing visitors a slice of heaven and a place for respite for over ten years. Being a retreat, Billabong offers certain packages for weekend trips as well as longer stays. During your stay, visitors are invited to join twice-daily yoga classes and meditation in the evenings, as well as additional workshops and activities during the day which include topics such as mindfulness, self-care and nutrition. Spa treatments and massage are also available.

The vision at Billabong is to create a healing space, and a spot where guests can reconnect with nature as well as themselves. Shared areas at the retreat consist of warm and cosy lounge areas with an indoor/outdoor feel. Log burners and warm blankets in the winter give the retreat a wonderfully friendly and snug vibe. In the summer, evenings are best spent by the exquisite mineral pool outside. If you’re spending some time in Sydney and you’re in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle, then you need not look any further than here. It’s total bliss.

A night in the trees

As well as treating yourself to a restful mind, you can also guarantee yourself a taste of bush- luxury in the form of chic cabin accommodation. Lining the lily-pad pond, quaint cottage-style dwellings host guests. Depending on your budget and the experience you’re after, you can choose from shared tree-house dorm rooms, all the way to private air-conditioned cabins. Elegantly and minimally decorated to emphasise and complement the stunning Australian bush views, many of the rooms have private balconies. Find yourself sleeping amidst the eucalyptus trees at Billabong.

Credit: Billabong Retreat

A taste of health

Also included in retreat packages, is deliciously nourishing organic meals and snacks, all brimming with nutrients. Food is locally sourced and seasonal, so to support local producers. The menu is exclusively vegetarian too. Breakfast can include chia porridge, fruit and pancakes and eggs, meanwhile the remainder of the day brings soups, salads, casseroles and curries. Freshly made desserts are provided after dinner, and organic fruit, teas and coffees are also all available during the day. All served buffet style, the cuisine is plentiful as well as indulgent and whilst food is healthy, you can also feel at ease that it is sourced with care. If you’re looking for some vegan or vegetarian inspiration to take back to the city with you, you’ll undoubtably find it here.

An environmental ethos

Billabong Retreat is not only kind to visitors but also tries to do its part in treating the environment with respect. Certified by Eco Tourism Australia and a TAAl accredited Australian Quality Tourism Business, the retreat does it best to reduce, recycle and reuse. Recognising that sustainability involves a never-ending path and environmental journey, Billabong Retreat implements a series of operations with environmental impact in mind. A few of these include: solar hot water, rainwater collection, recycling, the banning of single use plastics, photovoltaic power and the establishment of an on-site grey water system.

Credit: Billabong Retreat

After spending some time in Australia’s capital, some down time might be required. And there’s no better place for it than Billabong Retreat. Located only 45 minutes from the city, this gorgeous natural oasis in the Australian bush offers true respite to anyone who needs it. On a trip to Billabong, experience wholesome, mindful and healthy living, crafted to your needs and designed to complement – not detriment – the wonderful natural surroundings.

Jessica Beaumont
Noticing the footprints left behind by travellers in the countries she has lived in and loved, Jessica found her calling in the sustainable travel niche. Aside from writing, Jessica is found exploring the Adelaide Hills for good views and delectable wines, dancing, taking leisurely walks on the beach and trying to make friends with dogs.