Bare Beauty House: A place that cares about hair, beauty and the earth

When you are in need of a pampering, Bare Beauty House has everything you could need, want or desire from a luxury, sustainable beauty salon.

Bare Beauty was established by Naomi Browner whose love for the planet and need to revolutionise the
beauty industry led to the creation of Bare Beauty House, located in Manly, New South Wales. Here, all
of your beauty needs will be looked after by Naomi and her amazing team, without harming the earth.

Head to Toe Pampering

Bare Beauty House offers your typical general beauty treatments like waxing and facials. However, if you could spare an extra hour or two, book in for a more relaxing experience like a massage, facial or
even a body scrub. Whatever you choose to do you will leave glowing in and out.

If you have a chipped nail or two, Bare Beauty can also look after your hand and feet needs. You can opt for mani/pedi but or splurge and get a deluxe service which includes a salt scrub and hand/foot mask as well as all your traditional steps.

Bare Beauty also offers a hairdressing service. Naomi and her team of experts will cut, colour and style your hair to suit your taste. Naomi has selected sustainable and cruelty-free products meaning these products are good for both your hair and the planet.

Beauty that doesn’t cost the earth

All the products you will find in this shop of wonders are made with natural ingredients from ethical
companies. After trying and testing multiple luxury and ethical beauty products, Naomi found the perfect combination of fabulous products.

Going further than its products, Bare Beauty House is also tackling water usage by investing into Eco Head basin heads which not only purifies but uses 60% less water than other heads. When you first walk into Bare Beauty you will also see more than the odd shrub or two. Plants here are for more than just looks; they help produce oxygen making a clean fresh, vibrant space.

Naomi and her team also recycle anything they can through Sustainable Salons. However, before you recycle your own shampoo bottle at home, head into Bare and grab a product refill so you can minimise your waste. As an incentive you will receive 10% off when you bring back your bottle. The team will refill it with whichever shampoo or conditioner you need at the time.



Address: 35 Pittwater Rd, Manly NSW 2095


Monday | Closed

Tuesday | 9am – 5pm

Wednesday and Thursday | 9am – 9pm

Friday | 9am – 5pm

Saturday | 8am – 4pm

Sunday | Closed

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