Bo.Lan: the exquisite product of environmental activists and expressive food fanatics

Authentic Thai food – as it should be – sourced with the most honest ingredients. Bo.Lan is the most purposefully ethical choice of all restaurants in Bangkok.

Tradition meets fine-dining

Bo Songvisava, co-chef and co-owner of Bo.Lan (with her husband), is a world-renowned Thai chef. Earning a Michelin Star, gaining a perennial spot on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and staring in the Netflix series, ‘Chef’s Table’ are just three of her greatest food related achievements. Actively fighting for a shift towards small-scale farming, away from industrialisation, and identifying as an environmental activist are some other of her notable and admirable efforts. Bo.Lan in Bangkok, an exquisite Thai restaurant, set within what appears to be a beautifully renovated authentic Thai home, is the stunning result and crossroads of highly skilled chefs and environmental passion.

Authentic Thai food in Bangkok

Upon entering Bo.Lan, you will feel the warmth of the setting. Glass, dark wood, black tables and dark green walls offer a cosy experience for guests. In fact, you could be anywhere in Thailand here. Set away from the main road and tucked away inside this gorgeous villa, traffic noise is kept outside; you could be in the tranquil Thai hills. Woven seating and hints of traditional design make the experience more casual, and the vibe very Thai.

There might be hints of gourmet dining and modern cuisine within Bo.Lan’s dishes, but across the menu there is an underlying commitment and loyalty to traditional Thai cuisine. Flavours here are punchy and powerful, fragrant and spicy. You’ll be asked during your visit how spicy you like your food; be brave, but not too brave. On the surface, it is abundantly clear that Bo.Lan takes immense pleasure in engaging in all senses from sight, to smell, to the first taste all the way to the last. Creativity beams from the plate and flavours shine proudly because the chefs here make everything from scratch. What’s more, their ingredients are incredibly unique and their sourcing mindful and ethical.

Philosophy, environmental awareness and sourcing

Choose to eat at Bo.Lan and you’ll be paying for commendable principles and ethical practices on top of delectable Thai food. The restaurant’s message: dedication to showcasing the beauty of Thai hospitality and culture, all the while pushing towards a zero carbon footprint and contributing to a wide network of farmers devoted to sustainable practices and biodiversity. Bo.Lan’s menu is packed with flavours and unique ingredients and what is so incredibly fascinating, is that each tiny component has its very own sustainability story. Partnering with communities across Thailand, the restaurants helps to build long-lasting relationship with those that share a passion for sustainable farming practices.

Whilst the extensive list of impressive suppliers is far too long to cover, a few noteworthy examples are certainly worth mentioning. The Bangkok restaurant sources its eggs from TK Organic Farm, one which has its own very personal and laudable story. Amnart Reansoi, the owner, worked in the poultry industry for many years, however eventually he became disillusioned with the nature of farming chickens industrially and decided to set up his own farm. Today, Amnart owns chickens across an extensive farm space, feeding them an organic diet and working with other environmental producers to ensure bird feed is sourced ethically.

Rice is of course integral to the Bo.Lan menu, going through a great deal each day. Farmers’ Friend Rice is the chosen supplier for the Bangkok restaurant. Planting only once per year, 100% chemical free, the farm produces high-quality organic rice, free of dangerous chemicals and practices which harm the delicate environment. By supporting Farmers’ Friend Rice, Bo.Lan contributes towards the livelihoods of farmers who have opted for more sustainable farming options. Fish is also sourced sustainably through Pla Organic, a company founded by a Thai environmental activist Supaporn Anuchiracheeva. Supporting responsible fishing in Thailand through small scale operations and organic fisheries, Pla Organic works closely with local communities to promote the benefits of responsible fishing practices all across Thailand.

Towards a zero emissions goal

Striving to work towards a zero carbon footprint is important to the founders of the chic yet homey Bangkok restaurant. Meticulous responsible sourcing practices go a long way in the restaurant industry to meet this lofty goal, but this isn’t enough for Bo.Lan. Consequently, the restaurant has adopted a number of other environmental policies, including but not limited to the reduction of single-use plastics, the production of organic fertiliser from food waste and strict recycling practices. In 2019, Bo.Lan took their dedication to the environment one step further, by installing solar panels to reduce their reliance on energy from the grid.

If you’re visiting Bangkok, a trip to Bo.Lan will change your perspective on a dining experience. Not only will the dishes tempt your tastebuds, push your boundaries and greatly inspire, but they represent a story in sustainability and spread an environmental message. Dishes produced at Bo.Lan contain ingredients stemming from endless sources of morality and hope, scattered all across the country. Coming together in the form of scrumptious works of art at your table, each component of a dish at Bo.Lan adds to an inspiring educational element to your Michelin Star meal. 



Address: 24 Sukhumvit 53 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana


Monday – Tuesday | Closed

Wednesday | 6 – 10pm

Thursday – Saturday | 12 – 2pm and 6 – 10.30pm

Sunday | 12 – 2.30pm

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