Akira: A living legend in the world of fashion with a penchant for natural fabrics

One of Australia’s most celebrated fashion designers creates timeless pieces that are unique and sustainable in nature.

The Man

Akira Isogawa was born in Kyoto in 1964 and came to Australia at the age of 21 to study fashion at the Sydney Institute of Technology. After graduating in 1993 Akira opened his first boutique in a small Sydney studio in Woollahra. Whilst achieving numerous career milestones throughout his years to boast about he remains humble, gentle, and environmentally conscious.

Credit: Akira

Notable Achievements

Akira has been a regular contributor to the Mercedes Benz Fashion week since 1996. His work has also graced the runways of Paris, New York, Milan and London. Adding the title of costume designer to his repertoire Akira was appointed to design for both the Sydney Dance Company as well as the Australian Ballet. As a true artist and subject of intrigue for many, his work has been displayed through a solo exhibition focusing on his creative process in the lead up to his Spring/Summer collection in Paris by the National Gallery of Victoria. Other notable museums to exhibit his work include the Powerhouse Museum, Object Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2005 Akira was appointed as an “Australian Legend” by Australia Post and was invited to be featured on a commemorative postage stamp. Hisbeautiful designs have also turned the heads of key players in the fashion industry internationally and this resulted in an Akira dress being worn by Naomi Campbell on the cover of Vogue magazine. All of these achievements have made Akira the celebrated designer that he is today, with a career spanning over 25 years, he is one of Australia’s most respected fashion designers.

Credit: Akira

The Fashion

Akira’s design aesthetic is heavily influenced by his Japanese roots, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese design techniques. An example of this being his love of shibori and origami textile design techniques as well as incorporating remodelled versions of the kimono in his work. Akira also draws inspiration from his travels and the people he encounters on his journeys. The feel of his work is distinctly feminine and contemporary in nature, mixing modern and traditional cultural influences.

Sustainable Designs

Akira believes strongly that fashion should not compromise our planet or equate to pollution. He feels that it is everyone’s personal responsibility to show concern regarding ethical production, sourcing and to make conscious fashion choices. Because of this he chooses to work with natural fabrics that are sourced from animal and environmentally friendly places.Akira also champions the slow fashion movement and prefers to create designs of timeless beauty that wont date. Therefore, encouraging consumers to invest in fashion pieces that will last so that less waste is generated.


Website: www.akira.com.au/stores-1

Address:  Shop 110, Level 2/412-414 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


Tuesday – Saturday | 11.30am – 5pm

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