photography of waterfalls between trees

Sustainable Guides is changing the way people explore the planet. As advocators for better travel decisions, we’re reducing footprints and increasing impacts.

As the largest industry in the world, travel and tourism is for the most part ‘unsustainable’. For decades, the industry has negatively impacted both the environments and societies of our planet. Carbon emissions, energy and water, waste, culture, community, economics and more – you name it – our love of wandering has had a fierce effect on it.

But at Sustainable Guides, we no longer see a place in our world for this destruction. We’re leaving behind us a travel industry that extracts the beauty from nature, and strips the diversity from culture. Gone are the days of gaining financial reward at the expense of fragmenting communities or destroying environments.

We’re moving forwards to discover a travel industry which first identifies the value of places and then nurtures – not spoils – them. We’re dreaming of a time when travellers use their consumer dollar to do good, inspire action and demand changes.

Easier said than done. Until now.